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Jelly Belly Jet Stream Wonderland


Jelly Belly

Jet Stream

»Jelly Belly Jet Stream« is a collection of short stories. Adventure, coming-of-age.

First times.  

2022, soft cover, 108 pages, 125x190 mm

Martin Rost_Jelly Belly Jet Stream_Stories_Cover
martin-rost_ich tue alles für dich_prostitution_kleiner onkel.jpg


Ich tue alles 

für dich

»Ich tue alles für dich – Gesichter der Prostitution« deals with self-dramatization in a society shaped by neoliberalism and digitalism. 
100 days of performative, journalistic research in a Kassel nightclub during thedocumenta 14. »Ich tue alles für dich – Gesichter der Prostitution« received the Sponsorship award from the cdw Stiftung gGmbH

2017, soft cover, 288 pages, 140x248 mm

Martin Rost_I'll do everything for you_Cover
Ich tue alles für dich
narbe_martin rost_background


»narbe« is a photo-conceptual documentation about the relentless search for people with their scars and how they arise in a world that is characterized by omnipresent media and the urge for self-optimization.  

»narbe« in VICE MAGAZINE.

2016, soft cover, 228 pages, 205x280 mm

Martin Rust_scar_Cover
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The book »Suchmaschine« is a snapshot of July 7, 2014. From Google for you. It shows all the images in chronological order and original size that Google spat out that day under the search term »Bauhaus Dessau«.

2016, soft cover, 920 pages, 200x287 mm

Martin Rost_Suchmaschine_Book_Cover
Über mich


Martin Rost_Portrait_SW

Martin Rost is a German author. He was born in 1990 and grew up as the son of a landlady and a locomotive engineer.


Fabulous stories in the bar at the counter, wild creations in the cellar at the workbench - that was childhood, back in the 90s. 


Rost later studied editorial design. The focus of his studies was experimental typography and the design of artistic publications with a literary component.


This was followed by a traineeship as a newspaper editor.

Here the focus was on reports, podcasting and multimedia storytelling.


Today Rost devotes himself to fictional writing. His realistic style is characterized by fantastic and bizarre elements.


Merci beaucoup!

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